About Us

The business was officially established after the Second World War by Cephas and Jim Norton, who started out using a former army tray-top Chevy truck to cart grain and hay around the Lower Eyre Peninsula.

Once the Minnipa stopped sailing from Adelaide into Port Lincoln, the brothers saw an opportunity to increase their business, so they would travel to Port Pirie, meet the train and cart fresh produce back to the Eyre Peninsula.

By the 1960’s trucks were allowed through to Adelaide and Jim, who was the sole owner of the business at that stage, saw this as another opportunity to grow the business.

Jim’s son and daughter in-law, Glyn and Heather, officially took over the well-established business back in 1981 after Jim sadly passed.

We outgrew our old depot on Walter Street, and as we needed to accommodate our growing fleet of trucks and trailers we embarked on our biggest challenge, building a new depot.

We relocated to our new premises in November 2011 and over the years we have developed the depot to what it is today. Our staff have played an important role in the success of our business, we have been fortunate to employ local drivers who are friendly and reliable.

We do general and refrigerated freight out of Adelaide and we cover Cummins and the surrounding districts. If people want to ask us we will give them a quote and see if we can manage it. We are just a friendly, family business that works hard to please our clients.

While some work Norton Transport undertakes is seasonal – such as harvest – the company still operates 12 months of the year.

We provide a 52-week a year service to our small country town.

We love working with locals and providing such an important service. We support our community and in turn hope our community supports us, which is vital to keep our town viable.

The business is very much a local, family-friendly business, with the Nortons welcoming their son Jaxen on board who will eventually take over operations as the Third-Generation owner of Norton Transport.

Norton Transport

A local family-owned business servicing the Eyre Peninsula since 1946.

Cummins Depot

Adelaide Depot


(08) 8676 2127

40 – 48 Hayman Drive, Cummins